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New 2022 Conventional loan limits are now $647,200 – Now available!

10-29-2021About MortgagesEddie Knoell
Today we’ve got an important announcement. So, we just want to get right to it. Conforming loan limits just went up! They’re now at… drumroll… $647,200!

And this is from the previous (i.e., this year’s) $548,250. Normally, this increase goes into effect January 1st, but we have access to this new loan amount right now.

This is a big increase.

Between 2021 we saw ~7% increase in the loan limit, and this year we’re seeing ~13%, which is just fantastic.

In terms of purchasing power…

With the minimum down on conventional loans being 5%, with the $548,250 loan limit and the minimum down, the max purchasing power you had was ~$577,000.

But now, with the new limit that we have early access to, with the minimum 5% down on the conventional loan your purchasing power jumps all the way up to ~$681,000.

This is, again, fantastic and it helps keep you out of that jumbo loan range. This is huge news too if you’re looking to cash-out. There’s a lot of lenders who aren’t able to offer this. Thankfully, we are. If you’re interested in this or learning more give us a call at 602-535-2171 or shoot us an email at one of the addresses below.


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