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Making an Arizona Home Inspection Work For the Buyer

05-25-2014About MortgagesEddie Knoell

Hiring a home inspector is one of the most important parts of purchasing a home, yet it is one step that numerous potential home buyers will neglect or rush through. Do not think of a home inspection as a formality; instead, see the valuable insight it offers into the state of the house behind the paint. A high-quality inspection can let an investor know what they could potentially find themselves paying for in the first few years of homeownership.

Inspectors can let buyers know if there are problems ranging from termites to carbon monoxide problems from a water heater. Following these three steps will help a homebuyer get the most out their home inspection.

Find the Right Home Inspector

Rather than just going with the cheapest inspector listed or whoever the realtor recommends, take the time to investigate the options and find the most qualified inspector to do the job. This includes checking their credentials and seeing how they compare to state requirements. Also verify that they have experience inspecting residential properties. If a buyer wants recommendations from their Arizona realtor or home loan specialist, ask for a few names and check the experience and credentials of each.

Attend the Inspection and Confirm Everything is Checked

A shocking number of people do not attend their home inspections; they simply review the inspector’s report. A report does not give nearly the same level of insight about the house – and it can be easy to overlook certain listed items. Going with the inspector offers the professional the chance to explain each portion of the inspection and the homeowner will be able to gain a better understanding of the larger picture.

At the same time, verify that the entire home is inspected. Some people do not bother looking over new construction, but this can be a mistake. Just because the construction is new does not mean that there are no hidden problems.

Put the Inspector’s List of Recommendations to Work

Always follow up on the inspector’s recommendations to see what the highest priorities and largest costs will be. Ask the inspector for an estimate (and compile one using outside estimates) to have a good idea of how much the repairs on the house will likely cost. Use this information to bargain with the seller and see if a few of the items on the list can be fixed before the sale or if the final selling price can be lowered to accommodate the money that will have to be spent on the home.

The home inspection plays a critical role in the purchase process. Taking the time to find the right inspector and follow the above advice can save a home buyer from considerable financial difficulties down the road. As any Phoenix home loan specialist will tell a buyer, this is not a formality to breeze over. Take the time to do it right, and make the entire home-buying experience much smoother.

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